Justice Be Done: Emotion Invades TJTO At The Launch Of The Second Season Of The Webseries With Stories Of New Beginnings

Foto: Elias Oliveira (TJTO)

"Human beings, we can't give up on them". It was with this premise that Judge Océlio Nobre gave Pedro Barbosa de Sousa Júnior the chance to start a new life. He is one of the four characters in the second season of the web series "Justice Be Done" (Justiça Seja Feita), officially launched by the Communication Center of the Court of Justice of the State of Tocantins (Cecom/TJ) on Thursday (February 29th), entitled "Justice - a chance to start over".  

The first episode - Education that sets you free! -, which tells the story of 62-year-old Raimundo Nonato. Convicted of drug trafficking, he managed to study Geography at UFT, in the city of Porto Nacional, at the age of 54, after being authorized, at the time, by Judge Allan Martins Ferreira. To attend classes, the inmate was accompanied by a Social Defense technician.

“This project got me out of the deep end. Thank God I'm a teacher today," he says in the video.

The web series has four episodes that tell the story of people who have committed crimes, but who, through the tools and actions of the Judiciary, have had the opportunity to reintegrate into society. 

"Watching the episode, we see how much justice and the judiciary have changed over the years. The first court I worked in was the Criminal Court and our role was just to judge. Today we have the responsibility of accompanying the convict, because we understand that the purpose of the sentence is to re-socialize. As a result, our role as a magistrate goes beyond judging; we must also accompany them, get to know their weaknesses, give them opportunities and be inducers of public policies. A more humane judiciary allows us to think of ways to change a story of a person, to give them a fresh start, and for them to accept this opportunity," said the president of the TJTO, Justice Etelvina Maria Sampaio Felipe, congratulating the communications team for showing the results of the work of the Judiciary.

Chief of Justice Maysa Vendramini Rosal highlighted the importance of the project. "This web series is very important, a very good initiative because it symbolizes the recovery of citizenship. It's an opportunity for the inmate to return to everyday life. And for this, with the help of the competent authorities, including the Judiciary, he will be able to have the opportunity for a course, to give dignity to his family, to resume his work, the opportunity to study, to return to his normal life. So I think this project is very important and really brings citizenship back".

Role of Communication

A heartwarming afternoon. We want people to see what the judiciary does and the impact these actions have on society. Justice is done by people for people and we need to show that it is possible to find support from justice, the light to start again with dignity. 

"The first season was beautifully about adoption, but this one also touched me because the judgment of society is so heavy. People stumble on their journeys, we are all subject to make mistakes. We know that the subject has little social acceptance. The whole team has worked hard to make this project a reality. I'm grateful and very happy," said the Director of Cecom/TJ Kézia Reis, highlighting the sensitivity of journalist Elisangela Farias, producer of the web series, and the collaboration of the team.

The President of the Union of Professional Journalists of the State of Tocantins (Sindjor-TO), Alessandra Bacelar, highlighted the role of Communication within the body. "I leave here very thrilled and very happy to see our reinvention as professionals, to bring up such delicate, strong and heavy topics in a subtle way, so that it has an effect on people about the role of the institution where communication is inserted and where this work is done. So, it's remarkable, it's very strong and it's great to see communication participating in such a beautiful process, which is to unveil the institution, where it is inserted, how this work is done and the impact it has on society."

Mission Accomplished 

"I cried a lot. I've been called a 'romantic'. 'Oh, you're a romantic, you have a romantic vision'. Because many people don't believe it, but we just have to do our best and hope for the best. We're here to work, to do and deliver our best. We do what is right, always believing in resocialization. Seeing the results of our work today made me very happy and emotional, because we stay here in our rooms and don't actually see the results. So, congratulations to Cecom/TJ for the initiative, because watching the video the feeling is, in fact, of mission accomplished," said Cláudia Chaves, the court clerk for the Prison System Monitoring and Inspection Groups (GMF).

New Beginnings

Trafficking, theft, robbery. These were some of the crimes committed by Pedro Barbosa de Sousa Júnior. He is the character in the second episode - Free from addiction! -and he was the special guest at the launch, where he gave his testimony showing that he is living proof that it is possible to start over with the support of the Judiciary.

In December 2013, I was in prison when my wife died and I was handcuffed to her wake. From then on, I went back to jail determined to change my life, and that's when Dr. Océlio gave me the opportunity to recover from crack, which was what led me to crime. That's when I accepted and went to the Farm of Hope and left in 2022. It's not easy, but when you want it and look for it, you get it," said Pedro, noting that he went on to do two courses and now works on a farm.

Justice Be Done

The program "Justice Be Done" (Justiça Seja Feita) is coordinated by the Director of Communication of the TJTO, journalist Kézia Reis, produced by journalist Elisangela Farias, with the support of the entire Cecom team and the contracted production company, Lampion Digital Agency, and features four people, four stories that have in common error, incarceration and change. Each season the communication product seeks to present, through the technique of storytelling, the work of Justice in the different areas of its activity, from the perspective of its main client, the citizen of the State of Tocantins. The web series is broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Court of Justice of the State of Tocantins, with new episodes released weekly.

Watch the first episode. 

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