Registrations Are Open For Retirement Preparation Workshops

The Superior School of the Judges of the State of Tocantins (ESMAT) has opened registration for those interested in taking part in the Retirement Preparation Workshops. There are 40 vacancies available for civil servers and magistrates from the Judiciary of the State of Tocantins and civil servers from the partner bodies of Esmat who meet the following requirements: age 48 and over, with priority given to older civil servers who meet the legal requirements for retirement; civil servers and magistrates on uninterrupted sick leave for 24 months or more, or who have been referred for retirement on grounds of disability; civil servers and magistrates who already have time for retirement and are still working.

The activities will be held on September 26, 27 and 28, in person, at the school. The 18-hour workshops will be divided into three areas: retirement, health and quality of life; work, social security and social rights; and life plans and strategies for reinventing tomorrow.

The registrations can be made clicking here.

For more information on prerequisites, schedule and content, click here.

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