Judiciary of the state of Tocantins promotes training course on google workspace and drive

Servers of the Judiciary of the State of Tocantins are participating, during this and next week, in the Google WorkSpace and Drive Training. The training has a classload of 4 hours and aims to qualify 210 employees until the last day of activities.

Divided into seven classes, the course will be developed in the distance learning modality, aiming at the development and construction of a more dynamic work, according to the trends and needs of today’s workforce. All of this with the highest security standards and aligned with the best ICT practices. 

The training is aligned with the Information and Communication Technology Master Plan (PDTIC 2021-2023), in addition to promote the best practices set forth in Resolutions 370 and 396 of the National Council of Justice (CNJ), both from 2021, which impact relevant aspects, such as digital transformation and infrastructure and cloud services.


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