New List Of Accepted Registrations For The Esmat Journalism Award Competition Released

The Superior School of the Judges of the State of Tocantins (ESMAT) has released a new list of accepted registrations for each category of the "Esmat Journalism Award" competition. You can see the list of accepted registrations here, clicking here.

About the Award

With prizes totaling R$55,500.00 (fifty-five thousand five hundred reais), those interested in participating can register until October 9th. Entries (stories, reports, series of reports, photographs) produced in the State of Tocantins and published between January 25th, 2023 and October 9th, 2023, in any city in the State of Tocantins or nationally, are eligible for the prize.

Find out more about the Award rules, clicking here.

Professionals with higher education in the areas of Communication: journalists, radio broadcasters, announcers, film reporters, photo reporters, photographers and Radio and TV students and undergraduate students in Social Communication - Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing, Radio and TV, duly registered in higher education institutions, working in the State of Tocantins can register, according to the regulations.

Registration can be done, clicking here.

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