A contest will award scientific articles produced exclusively by women

Registrations are open for the 1st Award Justice Nayde Vasconcelos, a scientific articles contest exclusively for women. The initiative is held by the School of Improvement of the Server of the Court of Justice of the State of Amazonas (EASTJAM) with a focus on developing innovative solutions and research that can generate positive results in the provision of jurisdiction.

The contest is aimed at public servers, lawyers, undergraduate or graduate students who seek to expose their contributions to scientific production. Conceived and organized by women, it counts with an evaluation board formed only by female professionals.

The contest will reward the Five Best evaluated articles: the first, second, and third places will be awarded with a cash prize (R$ 5.000,00; R$ 3.000,00; R$ 2.000,00, respectively) and the fourth and fifth places will receive an honorable mention.

For selection and awarding, one of the following themes must be explored: Civil Procedural Law, Administrative, Innovation, Justice, and Society; Criminal Procedural Mechanisms; Case Management; New Technological Scenarios; Legal Relationships and the Information Society, and finally, Law and Sustainability. In all, R$ 10 thousand in prizes will be distributed. Registrations close on Monday, July 18th.

Are you interested? Check fully for more information and the notice about the contest in: NOTICE OF THE SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES CONTEST NUMBER:  001/2022-TJAM

Registration must be made through the link:

Nayde Vasconcelos scientific articles contest registration


Text: Portal - National School for the Training and Improvement of Magistrates — ENFAM

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