Opening ceremony marks the beginning of the "Ombudsman as a tool for conflict resolution, strengthening of citizenship and social control in public administration” course

The Superior School of the Judges of the State of Tocantins (ESMAT) held virtually, on Tuesday afternoon (13th), the opening of the “Ombudsman as a tool for conflict resolution, strengthening of citizenship and social control in public administration” course.

The training aims to sensitize the participants to the social function of the Ombudsman Office in conflict resolution and the strengthening of citizenship. Fifty vacancies were made available for magistrates, permanent, commissioned and/or assigned employees who work in the Judiciary of the State of Tocantins, Partner Bodies, academics and others interested in the topic.

During the ceremony, Justice Helvécio de Brito Maia Neto and Judge Odete Almeida, President of the Association of Magistrates of the State of Tocantins (ASMETO), were present.

In his speech, the Justice highlighted the process of physical and organizational restructuring of the Judiciary before the transformations experienced by all. “It is expected, with this course, the more active participation of the citizens, in the exercise of social control of the administration, as well as the preparation of our servers for the improvement of the services offered to the citizens, providing them with a satisfactory answer and in a time adequate to their expectations”, he concluded.

On the occasion, the Judge thanked the invitation for the opening and commented on the importance of valuing and improving the Ombudsman Office in the Judiciary of the State of Tocantins, “when our Court destines a valuable team for the purpose of welcoming, taking note of, and pointing out what needs to be addressed, creating this channel for intervention between the parties, it is of an unique importance”, she said.

With a class load of 15 hours, the training activities will be given by professor Liliane de Moura Borges. In this first web class, the following topics were presented to the students: History of the Public Ombudsman in Brazil; and Competence in handling the complaints by the Public Ombudsman.

The ombudsman service aims to increasingly improve the jurisdictional provision of the State of Tocantins and disseminate the service with urbanity, promptness, efficiency and effectiveness, aiming to meet the wishes of professionals from various areas, the internal public and especially the general population, which will be benefited from a judicial provision of even greater excellence.

For more information: Center for Training and Improvement of Magistrates (NUFAM) — Telephone: 3218-4408. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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